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Nuture and Heal Your Inner Tenderness

Use this Cup to open your heart and increase an inner tenderness. When you open to that tender part of yourself you cultivate greater kindness, compassion, power, grace, and wisdom. The reactivity also decreases and flow happens.

  • Locate the vibration of tenderness that flows in your divine line.
  • Activate a healing hologram around that tender aspect of your Essence.
  • Heal all energetic tears, trauma, or pain.
  • Light language healing of that tender part of you.
  • Repair the vibrational fabric that protects that tender current within you.
  • Bring in a healing sphere of light and sound to help you heal and nurture that tender aspect of your being.
  • Invite your Guides to encircle you and hold inside themselves an inner tenderness.

May you be held in the sweet current of tenderness.

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User Comments

Loved these 💓💓💓 Thank you 😊
Both so very special Cups. Deeply loving, soothing, gentle, and empowering/strengthening :)
Powerful release and then a feeling of reweaving. Great timing too! 🙏🏻
Timely, as always. Thank you.
I really loved the toning in the 2nd cup! It took my body into altered states~

Recorded 04/07/2014