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Release Anxiety Regarding a Situation in a Healthy Way

Use this Cup to release anxiety and stress regarding a situation that may be out of your control involving an individual, group, or country. This Cup is perfect when someone you love is having a hard time or is not well. Use this Cup when a situation arises that causes anxiety. It is a perfect Cup for the moments when there is a situation that is out of your control.

  • Think of the situation that involves an individual or group that is causing you anxiety.
  • Connect with the person or individual.
  • Send them information and release responsibility that is not yours.
  • Hold your gifts on yourself.
  • Hold a safe space for them as they go through their process.
May you hold a safe and loving space and model the solution to those you love.


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thank you Aleya, this was a warm embrace for everyone on this planet. hugs
Thanks this was the perfect thoughts for today Love and Gratitude
Thank you Aleya. Your Tall Cup was so powerful. I loved the carpet pad analogy super cool!
Michele the carpet gal. ps this cup is appreciated too!!

Recorded 09/09/2015