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Release Anxiety Regarding a Situation in a Healthy Way

Use this Cup to release anxiety and stress regarding a situation that may be out of your control involving an individual, group, or country. This Cup is perfect when someone you love is having a hard time or is not well. Use this Cup when a situation arises that causes anxiety. It is a perfect Cup for the moments when there is a situation that is out of your control.

  • Think of the situation that involves an individual or group that is causing you anxiety.
  • Connect with the person or individual.
  • Send them information and release responsibility that is not yours.
  • Hold your gifts on yourself.
  • Hold a safe space for them as they go through their process.
May you hold a safe and loving space and model the solution to those you love.


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thank you Aleya, this was a warm embrace for everyone on this planet. hugs
January 31st 2017
Thanks this was the perfect thoughts for today Love and Gratitude
January 31st 2017
Thank you Aleya. Your Tall Cup was so powerful. I loved the carpet pad analogy super cool!
Michele the carpet gal. ps this cup is appreciated too!!
January 31st 2017