Compassion, Love, Self-Love

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help find compassion, release the judgment, and quiet the critic.

Stillness and Connection - Release Anxiety and Increase Connection

The shame blame game is up. Drop deep inside and step out of that game in every area of your life. Tap into a new way of being, and start accessing the higher vibrational girds that were created the first few months of this year.


This meditation is very different and requires actual participation on all levels, including the mind. Use your mind, will, Higher Self, and energy fields to pull yourself deep inside and connect with that divine aspect of you. Sit in that place of deep inner stillness. Rest and recalibrate. When you drop into the stillness, you can then tap into the higher vibrational grids, and bring them into your physical life in a way that can palpably support you.

  • Use your breath, intent and Higher Self to draw yourself into your divine line.
  • Access a deep inner stillness and quiet the mind using your breath.


Audio Sample


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Comments & Discussion

This one wil go into my permanent daily meditation folder! Wonderful Aleya!
May 1st 2013
SO Soothing! Thank You, Brenda
May 1st 2013
thank you for the connection with ALL!!! it is pur-r-r-r-r-fect!!! PEACE, LOVE, & JOY! angelique
May 1st 2013