Pay For Sessions with Aleya
Pay for private one on one sessions with Aleya.
Distance Healing & Holding Vigil with Aleya
Distance Healing & Holding Vigil with Aleya
One on One Intensive
A 3hr intensive with Aleya in person or over skype.
In Person Retreat at Aleya's Fairy Guest House in the Sierra Mnt
1 or 2 Day Retreat with Aleya ~ 1 in-person session @ 1 night or 2 in-person sessions @ 2 nights of Quiet time in Aleya's guest cottage on her property in the foothills of the Sierra Mountain in California

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Distance Healing Holding Vigil Work with Aleya

Increase support, peace, clarity, empowerment, vitality, connection, and joy.

(This option is available to clients who I work with on a regualr basis.)


I will work with you in the higher realms to help you release your limitations, work through your struggles, and find greater peace, and calm. 

When I hold vigil I am creating a safe and sacred space for you to rest, reflect, and heal. I send you information and model the solution.

I am not doing deep intensive healing with you. I only do that in one on one sessions.

You will be able to share with me your experience and what you need in a private on-line journal room that only I will have access to, no-one else. Every few days I will check your private on-line journal room and adjust the distant work accordingly.

I will energetically communicate with you in the higher realms and in dream-time. 

I will not be emailing you. If you want a deeper session or feedback you can do a one-on-one private phone session with me.


This support that I offer is perfect for people who have already done sessions with me or who deeply resonate with my work.

This is a monthly recurring subscription 

Sliding scale between $35 to $185 a month. 

(Sliding scale depening on the level of support you wish to receive)

You have the option to cancel your recurring subscription at anytime. 

I recommend doing 3 months of distant work to know if this type of support serves you.

Choose Your Option:

Distance work $35 to $185
Distance Healing - Holding Vigil work with Aleya
3 Months Distant Work $195
3 months Distance Work
6 months distant work $390
6 months distant work - $390.00

Distance Healing | Holding Vigil | Distance healing work with Aleya