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101. Past Life Healing TALL Cup

A very deep, powerful, and supportive. 

Heal past wounds, Move Forward, Launch into new terrain, Hold a Supportive Energetic Fabric Around You

Just prior to the session I went into a very deep altered state and my little finger never hit the video record button. Which means this file only has an audio version, not a video version. 

I am so sorry. But, it is an indicator that this session has a quick a deep impact.


This session covered...

  • Healing previous incarnations where we were murdered. Kill points. Soul is disoriented and may leave the body at the kill point, leaving a wound which is brought into the next incarnation.
  • Place healing holograms around all kill points. Heal the wounds. Request the spiritual lessons. Re-pattern the death to exit the body through appropriate channels, not kill point.
  • Re-pattern all lifetimes which greater connection and clarity, harmonizing with your current reality.
  • Orient to your essence, true nature, not the wound.
  • Lift creative energy off kill moments. Bring that vitality back to your higher self in the now.
  • Activate the spiritual lessons on the divine line.
  • Debrief all traumatic exits.
  • Trauma was intended to strengthen connection to essence to try to attain greater light.
  • Reflect debriefs prior to body formation in all life times. Recalibrate grids, contracts, etc, to align with this deeper connection to essence.
  • Bring your life force back to you and off all traumatic death experiences on all levels.
  • Consciously heal between soul rider, body deva, your team, your body deva’s team and activate the spiritual lessons.
  • Release victim consciousness in all your relationships.
  • Don’t try to do this work with your mind. Do it on higher dimensions and allow it to ripple back to you here.
  • Recalibrate your resource grids.
  • Identify behaviors your body wants to shift and doesn’t know how. Bring in all the resources to fulfill the needs your body has. Infuse that vibration into your divine cosmic loop and clear the attraction to unhealthy ways of being.
  • Entering a new cycle on March 20: fast, bright, light, clear stream of energy. May—August is a quickening, easier to manifest. Learn to activate the vibration of your desires in your divine cosmic loop, body deva’s cosmic loop, body deva’s team’s divine cosmic loop and team’s divine cosmic loop.
  • Old patterns fall away as these new frequencies come in. Old patterns will feel unbearable. This is an indicator the old grids are falling away. Locate the old, big heavy way of being and use this energy of the release we are in to let it go.
  • Leap into the new energetic fabric. Supportive, sweet, tender, pure, joyous, connected.
  • Return all responsibility for your ancestors back to them at the level of their higher selves. Model the solution and send appropriate energetic information.
  • Invite your ancestors to cultivate the qualities that they desire and hold these frequencies in their divine cosmic loops. 

This session has 15 layers, which means you can listen 15 times if you wish, or just once. 

Your desires and intuition are your best guide. Each time you listen some part of your will receive a different layer, shift and healing. Allow for integration in dream time.

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User Comments

This was the most deep and powerful Tall Cup ever! Thank you so much. It makes me cry every time I listen. I've had a horrendous headache and it's now almost gone. I see the world with new eyes. Thank you thank you thank you, Aleya!
Wow! Loved this Tall Cup. Gave me greater understanding of what is going on with myself. I am ready for greater freedom!!!