Download Previous TALL Cups Sessions

Download previous TALL Cups of Consciousness sessions. 1hr long video and audio files for specific issues.

176. Hold Awareness in a Harmonic, Supported, Connected Realm TA [07/05/2021]
This session is profound and powerful. Get ready to launch into the light, expanded, free stance. Let go of the heavy cloudy
175. Serenely Intensely Supportive TALL Cup [06/14/2021]
Wow! What a sweet, gentle, and incredibly supportive session. This session covers.. June 14, 2021 Merkabic disk stabilizes you but may be disturbed and
174. Supported, Clear, and Calm Mercury Retrograde TALL Cup [05/24/2021]
174. Supported, Clear, and Calm Mercury Retrograde TALL Cup 05-24-21 This session covers.. Old grids are falling away. This can bring up depression
173. Reconnect with Curiosity, Clarity, and Joy TALL Cup [05/03/2021]
Reconnect with Curiosity, Clarity, and Joy TALL Cup of Consciousness Session May 3, 2021 Intense light is streaming onto our planet Bring your energy into
172. Own Your Light Zone TALL Cup [04/12/2021]
April 12, 2021 A great session to do at the time of the new Moon. Support, Release Struggle, Increase Clarity, Connect with
171. Light, Expansive, New Color Light Spectrum [03/22/2021]
This session covers.. TALL Cups Bullets: March 22, 2021 Reference moving to the crest of the wave to adjust to the shift
170. Play, Passion, Integration TALL Cup 03-01-21 [03/01/2021]
This session covers.. Multiple currents of white light are flowing onto the planet. We want to be open to receive this
169. Remembering Your Essence TALL Cup [02/08/2021]
This is a beyond amazing session. A master session! The angelic realm gives it an A++ This session covers.. Go back in time to
168. Dream On Stay Calm TALL Cup [01/18/2021]
This session covers..   Heavy influx of energetic downloads: spacey, lack of focus, anxiety, disorientation, insomnia, stress, compress energy around the head.
167. Spin Forward, Up, and In TALL Cup Session [12/28/2020]
12-28-20 Powerful, Supportive, Clearing This session covers..   Soul Rider, Body Deva and Teams ground into your power centers in your divine cosmic loops. Receive
166. Reflect and Release Regret TALL Cup [12/07/2020]
Reflect and Release Regret TALL Cup Session December 7, 2020 A silky, supportive, reinvigorating, and lightening... This TALL Cup feels like... a spiral dancer harmonizing
165. Heal, Calm, and Nourish the Heart [11/16/2020]
This session is... "beyond words" as someone said after the session. :)  Enjoy! Be gentle with yourself as you integrate. Incredibly
164. Profound Love Thin Veils TALL Cup [10/31/2020]
10-31-20 This is the most powerful TALL Cups we have EVER done! Beyond incredible. Love, light, support, guidance, clarity, and more. This session covers.. Your
163. 3D Support TALL Cup [10/05/2020]
Tall Cups  October 5, 2020   This session covers.. Are you holding group energy? When a group is unconscious, then individuals in the group
162. Heal Past Wounds TALL Cup [09/14/2020]
Heal From Old Wounds TALL Cup September 14th, 2020 Earth is evolving, and our human body is part of that experience. Earth
161. Release, Relief, and Stabilize TALL Cup [08/24/2020]
Release, Relief, and Stabalize TALL Cup Session   August 24, 2020   This session covers.. Soul rider, body and teams receive information through energetic receptors. There are
160. Light Heart Clear Path TALL Cup [08/03/2020]
This session covers.. We are in a time of amplification and acceleration into light. The body needs support. Body ground into a
159. Smooth Silky Push In and Up TALL Cup [07/13/2020]
This session covers... The planet is at a decision point/crossroads. Pull yourself into the present moment. Allow your receptors to open. Release your
158. Be in the Always Enough TALL Cup [06/22/2020]
Be in the Always Enough TALL Cup Session This session covers.. Timelines are being merged and rewoven. Distorted threads are getting pulled out
157. Pump Up the Pulse TALL Cup [06/01/2020]
Pump Up the Pulse TALL Cup   This session covers..   Lift your fabric/grids of safety off others and return them to you: soul
156. Wrap Your Vibrational Fabric Around You TALL Cup [05/11/2020]
This session covers.. Wrap Your Vibrational Fabric Around You TALL Cup   Tall Cups Bullets May 11, 2020   Body Deva will listen energetically the same
155. Calm, Clear, and Connected TALL Cup [04/20/2020]
Calm, Clear, and Connected TALL Cup   Big Deep Clearing Very Cleansing Incredibly Supportive Clear Fear Help Digestion Increase Resources Amplify ability to receive support and nourishment on all levels   This session
154. Divine Intervention for the Body Deva TALL Cup [03/30/2020]
Divine Intervention for the Body Deva TALL Cup   Incredibly Supportive and Calming The body has its unique consciousness. The change on the
153. Embrace the Change and Find the New Support TALL Cup [03/09/2020]
This session covers.. Incredibly Supportive, Release the Fear and Rigidity, and Find the Flow and Joy Very powerful, many tears of connection