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183. Vibrational Transformation TALL Cup [11/29/2021]

Vibrational Transformation TALL Cup


This session covers..

  • Ascension symptoms are being experienced by everyone. Energetic discordant grids are being released. During quickening more light coming in from the sun with coherent vibrations. This amplifies the ascension process, and that creates ascension symptoms. Vary from ringing in ears, irritability, disorientation, hard to get present and grounded because you are awakening in multiple dimensions.
  • Light streaming onto the planet has shifted the vibrational blueprint of you, body and teams. Also amplified light in the divine line of you, body and teams. Reference all this light and how it has changed you. Balance and harmonize that vibrational fabric with tones that are soothing and stabilizing for you. 
  • Many souls are just beginning the awakening process. They are disoriented right now. Confused about their meaning and purpose. 
  • Ponder how long you have been engaged in cultivating your essence and a more conscious multi-dimensional reality. You are empathically feeling the disorientation of the masses. Send appropriate information to them on the level where they can receive it. Model your awakening process, but don’t take responsibility for their process. 
  • Reference your purpose from a place of mastery in a dimension far beyond the mind. Reorient to that joy and allow it to be an anchor.  Linked with service and passion.
  • The body has a dimension in the nature kingdom of earth that has mechanisms your body uses to stabilize and balance and heal and orient every single day to stabilize with the light coming in. 
  • Reference a new layer or a new dimension that has the resources and vitality to support you in your creation and mastery. Move all your reference points into that dimension. Links you with yourself so you know yourself again. 
  • Soul rider, balance and stabilize the energy in your whole divine cosmic loop and the divine spark.
  • When soul rider amplifies the light, it changes the electrical and magnetic energy, that impacts the body, and that impacts the microbes. Throws digestion and immune system off. Body deva, balance your electrical and magnetic energy. Teams same. Microbes same, in your etheric form.
  • Balance the energy between the soul rider divine line and your body deva divine line. 
  • Discordant vibrations get our attention. It is deep programming. Body deva thinks it should use resources to evolve others. 
  • You, body and teams are calibrated for service. There is a co-creative way of serving that doesn’t deplete you. 
  • Body deva, soul rider and teams feel into any agreements you are holding for the evolution of humanity. You came to serve, but not take responsibility. 
  • Reference where you are holding responsibility for others. Return that responsibility to them, model right energy and send information. You are only responsible for your own awakening process. 
  • If you are stuck, you are holding your energy in an inappropriate dimension.
  • Transformation Process:
  • Feel something. 
  • Recognize you are going through a vibrational transformation. Don’t have to know what that is. 
  • Let some aspect of you go through the transformation. Ride the wave of emotion up into a more harmonic way of being.
  • Will have more creative energy to use for positive creation.

This session is supportive, empowering, and has 17 layers, which means you can listen 17 times if you wish, or just once. Your desires and intuition are your best guide. Each time you listen some part of your will receive a different layer, shift and healing. Allow for integration in dream time.

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