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119. Treasure Pocket TALL Cup

Treasure Pocket TALL Cup 

Incredibly Supportive and Empowering

  • Retrieve responsibility for your spiritual growth and evolution off of everyone and everything.
  • Body deva’s higher self retrieve responsibility for your spiritual growth and evolution off of everyone and everything.
  • Locate and link into the pocket dimension on Earth that holds supportive grids for the accelerated awakening for you and your body deva. It’s an inter-dimensional resource grid.
  • Body deva has lost or damaged grids which prevent body from receiving support and manifest its desires. Body deva located yourself in the pocket dimension to access greater support. Soul rider locate this realm as well. Body deva move into this pocket dimension and connect with Earth. Receive the appropriate grids, templates, sounds, light and mechanisms needed to receive these resources and energetically hear the higher planes. Calibrate energetic force fields to receive protection and support from the nature spirits serving in this pocket dimension.
  • Release lack, scarcity, disease, aging, fear, anger as mechanisms to awaken.
  • Recalibrate the microbes to use more enlightened mechanisms for awakening.
  • Teams bring in new higher dimensional resources to assist in achieving greater connection with one’s essence.
  • In the past humanity had tentacles in cement, so we evolve slowly. Now we want to release humanity’s process. Attach to your own light in your core  
  • Release attachment to the human foundation and journey. Energetically locate those attachments, move into a more co-creative, empowered stance by lifting creativity, vitality, life force, focus, willpower off of this foundation. Bring all of that energy back to you at the levels of your higher self, body deva’s higher self and team’s higher selves. Stabilize your resources into this pocket dimension. Clear all empathic mechanisms that are not in alignment with your current level of consciousness.
  • Exquisite joy exists in this pocket dimension. It is pure, and doesn’t exist on the physical dimensions. Reference this joy and calibrate and open your energetic receptors to receive this joy in the higher dimension. This joy frequency will clean and clear your energetic ears and receptors so that you can receive what you are yearning for.
  • Calibrate your magnetics to receive this frequency of joy in the pocket realm.
  • When body’s magnetic receptors are depleted body detaches from the nature kingdom, attaches to other body devas and their behavior, emphatically processing other body deva disconnection.
  • Body deva lift attachment and desire off of other body deva, and attach to your own divine line and the divine cosmic loop of earth. This facilitates connection to everything in an energetically clean way.
  • Bring in more support for the work you are doing in the higher planes, and in the next 2000 incarnations. Create support in the future.
  • Willpower, vitality and resources. The body and soul will take your focus, will and passion outside yourself and place on dreams in the future or other people. When we place resources externally we create lack and debt. Locate all resources, will, passion, focus, creative energy placed externally and invite you, soul rider, body deva and team to retrieve all these resources off everyone and everything.
  • Team is primary support system. Team higher selves lift all resources off you, body and ancestor teams. Bring vitality, energy, focus, will back to themselves where they can recalibrate it and embed in your own grids. Send appropriate energetic information. Bring in empowering guides what have appropriate information and are kind. Be a strong powerful buffer. Impact the resources of the soul rider and body emphatically.
  • Use the activation of the resources you want to experience in your divine line for you, your body and teams as your primary awakening mechanisms.
This session has 11 layers, which means you can listen 11 times if you wish, or just once. Your desires and intuition are your best guide. Each time you listen some part of your will receive a different layer, shift and healing. Allow for integration in dream time.

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