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126. Rite of Passage Purification TALL Cup

Very advanced session...

Tall Cups Bullets August 20, 2018


Rite of Passage Purification

  • Intense cleaning, clearing releasing process like an unraveling of old ways of being: like shedding the skin on a snake or other animals. Snakes: passion, creativity, healing. Kundalini linked to snake energy in body deva. Body deva wants to release old skin and heal deeply. Move forward in a new skin of creativity, wisdom, mastery, and healing capacity.
  • Locate old grids and old skin that is molting. Allow for a conscious energetic release. Wiggle out of the old skin in the higher realms, and embracing a new softer way of being with new energetic grids.
  • Receive information from the guides on how to let go of the old skin and embrace the new which has been forming naturally. Elegant, graceful, strong, supportive, wise and potent way of being.
  • Release discordant emotions as mechanism for shedding and releasing. Uncomfortable and inefficient. Use conscious awareness that you are in this process.
  • Inherited mechanisms around support and worthiness and struggle: impacts body devathrough DNA in womb and child-rearing phases.
  • Use light streaming onto the planet to re-pattern DNA.
  • Body Deva link into magnetic grids and tap into creative energy there, retrieve your energy from anyone or anything where you may have placed in. Bring it back for you to increase support and protection. Use energetic DNA flowing in your divine line and the light streaming onto the planet to cleanse, clean and dissolve discordant vibrations held within and around the DNA that flows within and around your divine line. Dissolve ancestral patterns, blocks, limitations, fear, and block. Cleanse DNA chain within Divine Cosmic Loop.
  • Invite essence of Gaia to connect to your body Deva to support its awakening and reclaiming its gifts, and oneness to essence of Earth.
This session is supportive, empowering, and has 8 layers, which means you can listen 8 times if you wish, or just once. Your desires and intuition are your best guide. Each time you listen some part of your will receive a different layer, shift and healing. Allow for integration in dream time.


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This was my all time favorite! SOO much happening it's hard to track! Thank you! Loved clearing the etheric DNA! Loved clearing the ancestral line and returning all bundles!! And loved the timing--and to do list protocol! I AM all that! :)
Thank you for your answering the question about how to organize my to-do-list. I got it. I'll wait for a while. Thank you for so fruitful session!!