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132. Ground Grace and Support TALL Cup

This session covers the following...

  • We have had a huge amplification of electrical energy. This creates an imbalance between the electrical and magnetic energy.
  • Bring in your own sounds and light to create safety.
  • Hold safety in your divine cosmic loop
  • Identify discordant mechanisms for grounding and dissolve them off all levels of your being.
  • Use an additional harmonic efficient mechanism to ground. 
  • Invite your body to ground using the higher realms and an elemental energy.
  • Teams: Bring in your very own support/grounding mechanisms.
  • Be inspired and motivated.
  • Stay in the flow.
  • Look at everything from a positive perspective.
  • Clear the back of the third eye, sphenoid bone, infuse the positive perspective.
  • Create a daily practice of expanding the magnetics to assist the body deva to handle the electrical acceleration and balance the electrical and magnetic energies in the merkabicdisks.
  • In 2019, recognize the energies coming onto the planet and energy coming up from earth that can inspire and motivate you. You don’t have to push yourself hard. Allow yourself to be inspired in a gentle, graceful way which opens your receptors to receive more.
  • Release the self-critic. 
  • Be fullfilled internally.
  • Ask yourself, “How can I create a lovely inner world?” no matter your circumstances in the external world. Keep returning to your lovely inner world to hold your identity.
  • Train your mind to abide in stillness. Practice daily.
This session deep, grounding, supportive, and calming. It has 15 layers, which means you can listen 15 times if you wish, or just once. Your desires and intuition are your best guide. Each time you listen some part of your will receive a different layer, shift and healing. Allow for integration in dream time.

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I’m so bummed - this is such an awesome meditation but every time I listen to it, in every different way it stops on me about 15 minutes in!
January 2nd 2019