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140. The Blow Hole Clearing TALL Cup

This session makes you feel like you have just had your blow hole cleaned in the most lovely way. :) lol

FYI - Dog energy and sounds, and Ganesh are very present in this session.


This session covers...

  • Ganesh assists in dissolving blocks on other dimensions.
  • Send appropriate energetic information to beings you have contracted to assist. Body deva and teams to do the same. Check in several times per month and do this process for these beings.
  • Huge energetic downloads coming onto the planet create a malleable, unstable energetic fabric. Obstacles that come up in your life are energies ready for release. Creates disorientation and an ungrounded field. Blocks held in the second chakra.
  • Identify trauma energies that have not yielded the spiritual lesson in the second chakra. Work with higher beings to unweave those blocks out of the second chakra energy. Clear dissonance. Activate spiritual lessons. Same for body deva and teams.
  • Activate the tone of your essence at the second chakra level to pattern the vibrational fabric of your second chakra. 
  • Call your creative energy back into your divine cosmic loops in the present moment. Clean it and clear it. Stream it in a healthy way.
  • Body deva release all ancestral creative grids that give rise to lack.
  • Body deva use helpers and guides to bring in new grids for holding creative energies in empowering, safe ways that bring in abundance.
  • Teams release creative energy grids that they have outgrown. Craft new grids that inspire them to be their best selves and be in alignment with their essence.
  • When the life force energy is cleared it impacts the third eye. Must calibrate the back of the third eye to reflect the higher energies.
  • Reflect creative energy to energetic ears for the higher vibrational energy you are now holding.
  • Second and third chakras connected to the back of the third eye. 
  • Body deva bring water elements into alignment with its wisdom and mastery and reflect that water element to the back of the third eye.
  • Body deva increase trust in the light of your essence with the assistance of the guides.
  • Body deva reference a dimension to craft an energetic filter to receive downloads in a graceful way. Reference a dimension to integrate these downloads and then reflect to the physical dimensions.
  • Infuse trust into the water element. Calibrate an energetic filter and integrate the downloads in this other dimension.
  • Encourage your body deva to send energetic downloads into appropriate dimensional realms for processing. Then reflect down to the physical dimension.
  • Balance microbes and etheric microbes. Hold harmonic vibrations within. 
  • The healthier the microbes the healthier the choices and changes into more harmonic states.

This session is supportive, empowering, and has 15 layers, which means you can listen 15 times if you wish, or just once. Your desires and intuition are your best guide. Each time you listen some part of your will receive a different layer, shift and healing. Allow for integration in dream time.



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So powerful, amazing release through tears also from the empathic sensitivity.
Becky G