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143. Fast Forward Flow TALL Cup

Fast Forward Flow TALL Cup

Deep, Supportive, Revitalizing, and Empowering

  • Old grids are lifting off the planet, and this will continue for perhaps a thousand years or more. We are in a 2-year intensity increase and acceleration.
  • This group is working with 80% of our awareness in other dimensions. Forgetting is normal with only 20% focused in the physical.
  • Feel into the parts of you and your body that are helping old heavy grids lift off the planet.  Bring in your own unique grounding mechanisms so that you stay grounded during this helping process. Soul rider and body devauntangle the old heavy grids, and lift yourselves out of it.
  • Nature sprites and animal totems can be invited to assist the body deva in this release process.
  • Teams release old grids that have discordant impact and let that vibrational fabric go.
  • Soul rider and teams send energetic information to your body deva and Earth to assist in the old grid release so that we can bloom into a harmonic way of being where miracles happen, and divine intervention occurs.
  • Shift focus to embrace this higher vibrational way of being. 
  • Reconfigure where you hold your focus in the physical dimension, and also higher dimensions. This will alleviate the forgetting that is occurring. 
  • At an energetic level the planet is moving into the light more and reflecting more light. Celebrate this despite the physical turmoil taking place. 
  • Soul rider and team higher selves connect with you in the future where you have integrated the new grids of vibrancy, abundance and connection. Express your creative current in new ways. Send energetic information to your body deva and body deva team.
  • Feel into a way of being that is discordant that you want to shift, something different for soul rider, body deva and each team member. 
  • Each aspect invite your individual guides and advisors to model the solution to these pieces in a higher realm. Extract what you need and bring this energy into your fields in your own unique way in alignment with and honoring your essence.
  • Body deva expand your connection to your guides and advisors so they can model right use of energy to create harmonious expressions.
  • Find your appropriate pivot point anchored in your mastery in your divine cosmic loop. Invite your guides and advisors to model how to pivot to align with your essence: soul rider, body deva and teams.
  • Disconnect from using fear to clear old heavy grids. Call in the support for angels, advisors and guides to assist in lifting the old grids off the planet and off your fields in gentle, graceful ways. 
  • Energetic weather: tie up lose ends in August. Releasing old grids.
  • In September we move into new energy. Tap into new energy to establish new behaviors to bring in.
  • September/October anchor in healthy habits.
  • Practice new way of being through December.
  • Ready to operate on new levels of being in 2020.

This session is supportive, empowering, and has 3 to 15  layers, which means you can listen 3 to 15 times if you wish, or just once. I recommend listening to this session at least 3 times.

Your desires and intuition are your best guide. Each time you listen some part of your will receive a different layer, shift and healing. Allow for integration in dream time.


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Hi Aleya, Thank you for bring this information, I felt a shift in my Body Diva, when it realised it too has a Team, Guides and is supported. I had struggled for most of my life, and in less then a month your instructions has lifted the weight, darkness, heaviness, depressed, sadness off me, before, I thought I was wasting time, because of avoiding life, but the truth is Im doing the clearing of old grids, supporting Earth in this time of change. Thank you.