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144. Tool Box Turning Point TALL Cup

Get the tools to make the changes you desire in your life.


3 Implementation Practices


Only attach to your own vibration.

Hold responsibility for your gifts, allow others to do the same

Release codependent attachments to others, what they do and what they want.

Serving by wanting for own self and modeling that to others

Holding compassion for others but not attached

Attachment is unhealthy ego


Locate aspects of your life where you want change and it is not changing

Realize it is not about what you think it is about

Explore possibility that you have projected something on to it

What is your body projecting?

How does the lack make you feel?

Is this you or your body?

Identify the needs projected on to this aspect

Take responsibility to you at the level of your higher self, hold in the Divine Cosmic Loop and activate the desired vibrations

Reference dimensions where the need is met vertically



Divine Live

Lift anchors and orientation points of everyone and everything, out of the future and the post, and return to your Divine Cosmic Loop

Clear your fields

Charge your fields

Pull yourself into your inner river/divine line. Feel into one quality that you really value, connect with that quality, appreciate your mastery in this area. Be in awe and gratitude for this inner gift. Recognize your mastery. Then you will reflect this into your external reality.


During this Lunar Cycle: add new daily healthy habit every week in alignment with your goals. Don’t take anything away this first month.

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Comments & Discussion

Karen C
This co-dependency piece around attachment to outer world is SOOO helpful and never ceases to benefiting me, thank you big hugs!
September 20th 2019
Karen C
Cool! got validation around making the shift because my computer and phone app stopped temporarily during playback haha!! Cool fact!
September 20th 2019
Thanks Aleya for the great instructions on identifying the blockage. I got it.
September 3rd 2019