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146. Blow Out Blocks TALL Cup

Tall Cups October 14, 2019


This is a powerful clearing and supportive session. Get motivated, grounded, and inspired.

  • Fear of how to move forward and make the leap from one way of perceiving into a more light-filled way of perceiving
  • Light is clearing old ways of being. Energy has a heaviness to it. Discordant behaviors more prominent.
  • Feel into stuck areas of your life so this can be cleared during this incarnation.
  • Identify traumas that created the wound you are stuck in.
  • Bring in healing holograms to activate profound healings to clear the trauma and pain.
  • Activate the vibration of the spiritual lesson
  • Return or retrieve fragments from these traumas
  • Return issues that didn’t belong to you associated with these traumas
  • The healing energy coming onto the plant will allow a tremendous level of healing to occur
  • Your identity has gotten wrapped up in limitations/victimization. Prevents you from making the needed changes to empowerment and personal responsibility
  • Take small steps toward first layer of divine identity as being of light moving into empowerment
  • Body goes into pathology to delay moving into new identities. Link to your divine identity and release pain and pathology as a way of orienting
  • Link with the divine identity you are moving into
  • Opportunity to open your energetic fields vertically from higher energy beings
  • Link creative energy with the life force and harmonize them together
  • Bring your creative energy back into your divine cosmic loop
  • Return any creative energy that is not yours back to its right and perfect place

 This session is supportive, empowering, and has7  layers, which means you can listen 7 times if you wish, or just once. Your desires and intuition are your best guide. Each time you listen some part of your will receive a different layer, shift and healing. Allow for integration in dream time.


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User Comments

Thank you Aleya, My Body Diva was in a state of rebelling and resistance, I physically could not move. Also I love your explaining as you bring in the layers, quite often I have written about 'that' before.