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147. Total Body Reboot

This session covers...

  1. Timing, communication, receiving energetic information and paced ourselves. Central nervous system, divine line of body deva, and the ears.
  2. Bring in sounds, colors, and light to clean the energetic sheath of your body deva’s divine line. Clean away fragments and other pieces that are not yours. Reweave your connection grids for more safety and more support.
  3. Frustration and despair around the thought of not catching up. Pushing yourself beyond where you are meant to be. Pull your energy out of the future where you think you “should” be. Receive appropriate information from the future and take appropriate action in the future. Calibrate yourself appropriately. Come into the present. Invite your teams to do this as well.
  4. Connect with the microbial consciousness of the body and invite it to calibrate itself for the present moment and the consciousness of love, divine connection and timing and flow, balance, homeostasis within self and with each other.
  5. When body has self-worth issues it goes into unhealthy behaviors, shuts down receiving of life force and vitality. Our culture is all about external validation. Body crumbles when not validated externally, it shuts down receptivity and loses support, vitality and health. No matter how much validation the body gets, it doesn’t get enough. Notice disempowerment of needing external validation. Your DNA is programmed to validate yourself. You’ve given that power away. Call that power back and return to your higher self. Validate the qualities that flow in your divine cosmic loop.
  6. Body deva activate safety grids in your divine cosmic loop so you can move forward.

This session is supportive, empowering, and has 7 layers, which means you can listen 7 times if you wish, or just once. Your desires and intuition are your best guide. Each time you listen some part of your will receive a different layer, shift and healing. Allow for integration in dream time. 


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User Comments

Thank you Aleya, really needed this, all the bundles of fear, not trusting, looking for validating, never enough, all these have circled for years. Feeling waves of relief and resistance.
Thank you Aleya this was really good! Feeling cleaner and calmer and will listen again . Everything funtioned well video and audio