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153. Embrace the Change and Find the New Support TALL Cup

This session covers..

Incredibly Supportive, Release the Fear and Rigidity, and Find the Flow and Joy

Very powerful, many tears of connection and release, and incredible support.

  • Tap into new etheric grounding grids from above or the Earth-pulsed grounding grids up to the body Deva. Body Deva determine how you wish to link to this new system.
  • Release the fear-based grounding grids of mass consciousness and ancestral grids off of the body.
  • Soul Rider release your own discordant grounding grids once and for all.
  • Soul Rider and Body Deva and Teams bring in harmonic grounding grids for the etheric grids and experience deep gratitude from higher realms
  • Body Deva release the reference points for it identity grids that are entangled with challenges. 
  • Body Deva hold your reference points for your identity grids in your divine cosmic loop.
  • Soul Rider and teams same
  • Remember the sound frequencies that call you to live a high vibrational life of coherence and harmony
  • Calibrate the ears of your soul to that harmonic frequency that you, your body were listening to before your physical creation.
  • Body Deva calibrate your body to a connected harmonic realm of greater empowerment and support
  • Body Deva embrace the cycle change to receive greater support
  • Soul Rider learn and be impacted by the love the Body Deva has for cycles of change
  • Body Deva use fear of change as a trigger to tune into the new cycle
  • Body Deva use the huge white electrical light to bring clarity and clear discord. Bring your energy into your divine line, magnetics and roots. Amplify this profound strength in your roots. 
  • Lift reference points for strength off external world and place these reference points for strength internally into individual divine cosmic loops and grow new roots there.
  • The outer world does not support you. Your support comes from your divine cosmic loop.
  • Bodies use outer challenges to move into higher levels of awareness. Release this old mechanism. Invite your Body Deva to feel into creative, sexual, psychic, lifeforce energy placed externally on others. Bring that energy back to itself, cleaning it, recalibrating it, and reweaving its own creative, sexual, psychic, lifeforce energy and use it to move into a higher vibration. 
  • Body Deva craft a harmonic grid around you to shield you from dissonance. Heighten your intuitive guidance and honor it.
  • Use the self-critic and self-doubt patterns to remind you to amp up your self-love. How can I transform this tap into a self-loving response?
  • Live in the freedom and integrity of consistent loving thoughts for you, body deva and teams. Release attachment to other people living in loving thoughts. 
This session is supportive, empowering, and has 7 layers, which means you can listen 7 times if you wish, or just once. Your desires and intuition are your best guide. Each time you listen some part of your will receive a different layer, shift and healing. Allow for integration in dream time.




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Thank you Aleya, I so wanted others to have loving thoughts, powerful awareness. im always asking 'what are you thinking' my aha is when I feel they are not thinking loving thoughts. No wonder my thoughts are not loving towards me.