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163. 3D Support TALL Cup

Tall Cups 

October 5, 2020


This session covers..

  • Are you holding group energy? When a group is unconscious, then individuals in the group may not chose to be responsible for holding their own creative energy.
  • Invite everyone to hold their own psychic and creative energy in groups. Return energy that is not yours back to its right and perfect place.
  • Pull your psychic back to your divine line.  Send energetic information.
  • Pull your energy out of discordant realms as the veils thin.
  • Send information into these discordant realms. Return responsibility for shifting beings in those dimensions.
  • You, soul rider, are an etheric being riding in a body. Use your position In the physical dimension for energy to shift or manifest in another dimension.
  • Reference dimensions where your desired states exists, ripple that down to the physical field.
  • Release grids taking you in other unwanted dimensions
  • Create from within. Focus on activating qualities rather than circumstances. Soul rider model qualities for your body deva.
  • Earth is a conscious sentient being. She expresses herself in so many other dimensions of consciousness. Earth uses her weather for emotional release and clearing.
  • Soul rider hold an encouraging space for Earth to ride her energy in motion. Then the weather can change.
  • For the next 3 weeks play with the image of being in a pure magical dimension where you, body and teams can be together. Ripple that reality down to you here. Stabilize yourselves in that other dimension.
This session is supportive, empowering, and has 4 layers, which means you can listen 4 times if you wish, or just once. Your desires and intuition are your best guide. Each time you listen some part of your will receive a different layer, shift and healing. Allow for integration in dream time.


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