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164. Profound Love Thin Veils TALL Cup


This is the most powerful TALL Cups we have EVER done!

Beyond incredible.

Love, light, support, guidance, clarity, and more.

This session covers..

  • Your team is a huge resource. They are an empathic buffer. When you are aware of their presence you will never feel alone. 
  • Invite your teams to huddle around you and your body in an appropriate dimension. Invite your teams to work with guides and advisors to resolve past struggles and activate the spiritual lessons. 
  • Invite your teams to hold stronger currents of their essences within themselves. 
  • You, body and teams recalibrate your communication grids in all appropriate dimensions.
  • Share all appropriate energetic information in the energetic fields between you, body and teams. Don’t use physical dimension for this exchange. The exchange will reflect there eventually.
  • Body deva pull you awareness off all other body devas in the world who are using pain to awaken. 
  • Body deva use the light that flows within you to awaken and model this to the other body devas in the world. 
  • Body deva clear all grids of using pain and suffering as an awakening agent
  • Body deva wrap the vibrational qualities of your gifts around you to strengthen and awaken you in a gentle graceful way
  • Body deva recognize that other body devas are using their emotions to awaken no matter what these emotions are. No judgment. 
  • Body deva hold a safe container for them to awaken as they choose while you model a different way of being.
  • Body deva ground into your nature consciousness grids or magical realm grids to ground yourself.
  • Reference your energy at the third eye level. Gently release perception mechanisms around third eye that are no longer serving you and/or don’t belong to you.
  • Body deva heal yourself in higher dimensions and reflect that healing into the physical dimension.
  • Clean, repair and clear your tunnel of light and balance the crystalline energies around the tunnel.
  • Service work: give first. Make requests for amplification of positive qualities of this other dimension.
  • Remember why you have chosen this short intense journey. 
  • Embrace your “LOVE and light care package” from home, soul rider and body deva. The LOVE is palpable. The time between now and winter solstice.

 This session has 10 to 22 layers. Listen to this session as many times as you feel called.

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Comments & Discussion

Freeing, liberating and incredibly powerful.
November 9th 2020
Thank you so much dear Aleya this cup really moved me to tears and deeper connection. But at the same time feeling more fragile and as if I had a thick skin before
November 5th 2020
Truly an amazing journey, that morning before I got out bed , I was nudge to do check in , make sure no hitch hikers . I heard 4 , then I sent them to heart of source , sen a huge ball of light when I did felt so light
November 3rd 2020
This tall cups answered questions that I didn’t realize I had. A lot of great information that’s help me understand what’s happening right now. It’s so nice not to feel so many others emotions. I know we worked on that before in another talk cups and meditations and this one really seem to move things further along.
November 2nd 2020
Wow! That was beautiful! Thank you Aleya for reflecting to me my beautiful essence. Tears in seeing myself, feeling so supported and loved. My heart ❤️ is full and over flowing with love for my courage to come here for this time.
October 31st 2020