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97. Retrograde Release TALL Cup

Embrace your inner light, get clear, release trauma, let go of limiting behaviors, and addictions. 

Reconfigure your identity for greater alignment with your essence.

Let go of ancestors issues and karma.

  • Locate all discordant ways of being and organize the trash before you take it out.
  • Release ancestral karma full of grief and struggle. Send the karma back where it belongs along with appropriate information.
  • Go back in time prior to arrival in this world in any incarnation on Earth and send the appropriate information to yourself in the prep room to take no ancestral karma, and model the solution to the ancestral line. Model this to yourself in every breath in every moment in time.
  • Use your life without struggle to model coherent living by embracing the light within.
  • Use solstice energy to embrace your soul essence spark in the heart of source to a greater degree and birth into the world through your gifts and mastery.
  • Connect with the divine spark of the sun in the heart of source and receive appropriate information unique to you as a divine spark in the heart of source.
  • Body deva connect in with all body devas and the essence of earth and calibrate with the pulse of earth. Release mass consciousness as a stabilizing frequency.
  • Align your crystalline structures with the higher frequencies flowing onto the planet.
  • You, your body and team locate the new Earth dimensions that are being created and tap into this new matrix. Release the old matrix
  • Remember your intentions prior to your launch and allow yourself to proceed in those dimensions. Don’t require your conscious mind to know.
  • Solstice is six day window of higher frequency light coming in from the heart of the Sun which activates a spark in every cell of the body and in the divine lines of you, your body and team. Connect in with the heart of the sun, and with Mercury, to access the deepest point of your essence.
  • Activate the light of your essence in every aspect of your being through your divine cosmic loop.
  • Remember your divine identity when not in human form and reflect your ethericidentity to you here.
  • Clean and clear your tunnel of light to experience greater alignment with your divine identity
  • Write down the aspects of your life you wish to transform…single words on a piece of paper. Then safely burn the paper. Work with the fields and the guides to release these aspects while Mercury is retrograde. Dissolve these old grids in the higher realms. Then identify higher frequency ways of being and infuse those frequencies into new grids.
  • Fully embody these new frequencies. Release worries as they move through your field.
  • Troublesome fears is an indicator of old ways you hold yourself preparing to clear out of your field. 

This session is supportive, empowering, and has 17 layers, which means you can listen 17 times if you wish, or just once. 

Your desires and intuition are your best guide. Each time you listen some part of your will receive a different layer, shift and healing. Allow for integration in dream time. 

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holy cow aleya...this one really packs a punch...its my second time trying to stay conscious and listen to it. wowzers...sooooo good!!!!
Thank you Aleya for this immensely deep session!