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99. Dancing up the Mountain in the Eye of the Storm TALL Cup

This session is...Clearing, Supportive, Inspiring, Passionate, Motivating, Fresh, Powerful

  • New Chinese Year: fiery rooster. Greater levels of passion, creativity, follow though, fiery. This energy can burn off old ways of being. Aids in discovery of what is underneath and hidden.
  • Energetically locate old energy, grids, behaviors, addictions, etc., use this new fiery energy to dissolve it.
  • When we are in a limiting belief system our passion is held in a distorted way. Realign your passion into greater coherence. Recalibrate yourself for a healthier way of being by retrieving your creative passionate current for a higher vibrational way of being.
  • Your body’s auto response to change is to go into survival mode and fear.  Invite your body deva’s higher self to identify your survival mode emotions. Use your higher self to shift to activating your needs in your divine line: connection, safety, power and control in your divine cosmic loop.
  • Body deva calibrate your fields to align with the change. Align your microbes for the change.
  • Allow tunnel of light at the back of your neck to update your physical experience for a higher vibrational way of being. Use this fiery passionate creative energy to pattern your tunnel of light.
  • Old energy: “I can’t do enough.” Body doesn’t appreciate all it has created in the physical dimension. Reflects lack into the physical dimension. Body deva take responsibility for knowing all it has created in all incarnations and valuing its own creations.
  • We get attached to what we are doing in the physical which results in connection to our purpose, gifts and talents. Shift to attachment to activity in the etheric realms, then reflect that down to the physical.
  • Locate the dimension where you are of greatest service. Pure expression of passion and creative current. Hold 98% of your attachment to that dimension, 2% attached here to the reflection of what you are doing up high.
  • Recognize the discordant emotions and vibrations coming to the surface for healing. Hold safe and compassionate space for them to use their upset as their awakening agent. Hold your attachment on the space you are heading into.
  • Invite your body deva nature team and your guides to energetically reference all the change energy coming onto the planet. Calibrate the energy in higher realms. Invite your body deva to remember its team. Use this team to create a greater energetic buffer for downloads of new high frequency energy.
  • Increase laughter, whine less. Keep it light. You are a powerful being of light doing amazing work.
This session has 18 layers, which means you can listen 18 times if you wish, or just once. Your desires and intuition are your best guide. Each time you listen some part of your will receive a different layer, shift and healing. Allow for integration in dream time. 


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