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108. Raw Power and Courage TALL Cup

Increase Strength, Empowerment, and Courage

Move Forward in your Life

Let go of the stuck and suffering state...

This session covers the following....

  • Invite your guides and advisers, body deva and teams to activate their own unique protection mechanisms during this time of intense release, endings and new beginnings.
  • Retrieve responsibility for you shifting you off everyone and everything and return that responsibility to your own divine line. Body deva and teams same.
  • Use the Full Moon/Eclipse energy to release responsibility you are holding for the awakening of others and return that responsibility to them in the right and perfect place along with all appropriate energetic information. Body deva and teams same.
  • Return all empathic sensations and karma back to its right and perfect place along with all appropriate energetic information.
  • Challenges are a reflection of discordant energy. Use the Full Moon which sheds greater awareness to see the deepest root of your greatest challenge. 
  • As you identify your challenge invite all aspects of you to cultivate greater awareness of the root challenge along with the energy of the challenge in terms of behavior, belief systems and other manifestations. 
  • Use all aspects of your being to scan all dimensions to find the vibrations and energetic grids for the solution and send it to you in the appropriate dimension where you can use it. Then reflect it to the dimensions where you are expressing yourself for you, your body and teams.
  • Integrate and harmonize the solutions in the higher realms and allow the solution to be simple. Then reflect the full solution down here.
  • Striving and trying to make something different tends to close the energetic receptors. 
  • Use the light of the Full Moon to hold your awareness in your individual divine lines and then activate the vibration of the qualities you are yearning for and allow yourself to fill up with that energy. Increase the vibration of fulfillment of that quality. 
  • Activate the desired frequencies in the appropriate divine cosmic loops going both directions.
  • Scan all previous moments where you didn’t receive what you yearned for or lost someone or something you desired. Activate the spiritual lessons and qualities you were longing for in your divine cosmic loops. Body and teams same. 
  • Last 7 months were an initiation process through suffering to help you cultivate greater strength, courage and embrace a new way of being which is more empowered for you, your body, and teams. Invite all beings to do the same.
  • Stay in the present to receive longed for vibrations and activate them and appropriate information from the past and the future in the divine cosmic loops of you, your body and teams.
  • Spend up to two minutes daily focusing in the present moment to activate the yearned for vibrations in your divine cosmic loop. Use the courage to walk through doorways of opportunities.
There are 11 layers in this session. Listen as many times as you feel called.

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