Empathic Sensitivity

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help balance clear empathic sensitivity, judgment, stress, and increase personal responsibility.

Practicing the Basics

Come back to the basics with this Cup - no matter how evolved you are.

Use this Cup to practice the basics... the more you practice the basics the stronger and more coherent your fields will be.

This is an excellent protocol to help you get centered, and energetically clean, and clear. 

1. Hold your energy in the present breath of now.

2. Hold your awareness in your divine line.

3. Be surrounded by beings of love and light.

4. Retrieve all of your attachment, anchors, and reference points for your needs back to your divine line.

5. Return all responsibility and empathic bundles back to others.

6. Send appropriate energetic information.

7. Retrieve all responsibility for meeting your needs.

8. Meet your needs in your own divine line.

9. Connect with a quality that flows in your divine line.

10. Value the vibration/quality that is an aspect of your essence in your divine line.

11. Take a moment to be in the inner love for the light that flows within you.

Only attached and responsible for the vibration that flows in your own divine line.

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Comments & Discussion

So helpful! - in gratitude 🙏
October 25th 2021
Really loved this, i feel it’s one of my recent favourites. Will practice this daily xxx
October 21st 2021
Wonderful. Thank you for the feedback.
October 20th 2021
This felt really good!
October 20th 2021
This is lovely Reviewing the basics is such a nice tool
October 20th 2021
Ioved this
October 20th 2021
October 20th 2021
Thank you Aleya, I was very happy to see ‘back to basics’. A good reminder 🙏
October 20th 2021