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See Through A Positive Lense Lighthouse

Mercury went into retrograde yesterday.

Today is day 2 of a three-week cycle.

Your energy might have been really low yesterday as you adjusted to a new cycle/timing.

There is a shift in how you energetically perceive.

Use today's favorite cup to see through a positive lens while you navigate Mercury Retrograde.

Imagine you are in a lighthouse.

What direction are you facing?

What floor are you on?

Explore the idea that some energetic aspect of you can move your lens to a direction and energetic floor that can serve and support you in an even more empowering way.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Imagine being in a lighthouse.
  • Invite some energetic aspect of you to reference the direction you are facing and reference the floor you are on.
  • Explore the direction and level of the lighthouse that could serve you in a more empowering way.
  • Light language chant to help you move to the appropriate level and direction in the lighthouse.
  • Calibrate the lens in an appropriate direction and dimension that helps you see with clarity and calm.

See-through an empowered, connected, and clear lens.

How does today's cup feel for you?

Any insights?

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I deeply appreciate the focus on support during Mercury Retrogrades. Thank you very much.
April 3rd 2024