Faith, Grief, Loss

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help you increase your divine connection, find faith, increase hope, support, and trust.

Commit To You First

As you embrace the new year of 2021 use this Cup to commit to your essence, the light within you, and the qualities that flow in your divine line. You will be more inspired, connected, and focused when you commit to you.  This is a supportive Cup that can help you heal the past pains of betrayal.

  • Reference all of your nuggets, grids, and threads of commitment that you have placed externally.
  • Retrieve all your grids and nuggets of commitment back to your divine line.
  • Toning and light language to help you retrieve all of your nuggets, grids, and threads of commitment.
  • Retrieve all of your creativity and resources.
  • Hold your focus, creativity, and resources on you.

May you deeply commit to the light within before anyone or anything.

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Comments & Discussion

donna r
Boy, I had to use a really big net 😊... Thank you Aleya !
January 13th 2021
very helpful. I certainly will download this one! Thank you so much
January 5th 2021
Nice and Powerful ~ just what was needed and likely will use this one often. Thank you for sharing your gifts!
January 5th 2021
Karyn DoveHawk
Perfect timing as I decided to start my silent retreat at home, today! It does feel like a commitment to self-love, to listening to my body, and blissful attunememtvwith my angelic team. 🙏🏽✨💫💕
January 4th 2021
Very powerful and supportive in pulling ones self firmly into ones DL. I also asked my Guides to do the same and model the same for me. Feels like a pillar of strength! 💜
January 4th 2021
So beautiful ❤ thank you Aleya ❤
January 4th 2021
Profoundly and deeply beautiful!
January 4th 2021