Faith, Grief, Loss

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help you increase your divine connection, find faith, increase hope, support, and trust.
Receive Information From A Love One On the Other Side
Use the thin veils this week to connect with a loved one who is in another dimension. When the veils are...
$3.00 USD
Be Encircled and Supported By Your Team
You are not alone. You are encircled and supported by your team. Use this Cup to open up lines of communication...
$3.00 USD
Hold a Gracious Heart Energy with Everyone in Your Life
Use this Cup to shift how you hold yourself in your heart center with everyone in your life, especially those...
$3.00 USD
Send Information to Disincarnated Souls with the Thin Veils
We are now in the "ghosty" time of year. This time of the year can be a little bit scary or...
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Return Challenges the Belong to Others Who Are Now On the Other Side
Happy Halloween. Also known as Hallows Eve. Which was originally celebrated by the Pagan religion honoring the day when the veils...
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Heal the Past While Mercury Is Retrograde
As we navigate the waters of Mercury Retrograde use today's cup to heal the past so that you can move...
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