Faith, Grief, Loss

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help you increase your divine connection, find faith, increase hope, support, and trust.
Balance and Stabalize
Ride the wave of balance and stabilization. Increase power, inner strength and inner knowing.  Move into greater states of empowerment, clarity,
Feel Your Spiritual Family on the Other Side
Feeling Homesick? Connect with your spiritual family and parents who are holding vigil for you on the other side. The
Connect with Your Team
Connect with your Team and assist them in accessing a higher vibration. Your Team is a group of beings who
Heal the Heart
Heal the heart and open to receive a sweet current of love. Bring in healing holograms and orbs of light around
Release Negative Karma
Release all negative karma that you have incurred. This meditation helps renew faith and increase hope. The protocols are as
Increase Faith and Trust in Your Journey
Check in with your life, your direction, your intentions, and goals. Reassess your current state and alter your course if
Feeling the Divine Within - You ARE the Divine (God) Energy
You are the divine energy, expressing itself as a river of light in the human form. Use this meditation to activate
Increase Support and Connect with the Place You Call "Home"
We are multi-dimensional beings. We have come from many different places and spaces. Some part of you may have another
Activate the Wise Mind and Gracious Heart
Instead of sticking the foot in the mouth, activate the Wise Mind and Gracious Heart with this Cup. Energetically locate the
Align To Your Divine Direction
As we get familiar with new energetic terrain, there is a re-alignment with the ways in which we navigate in
Blessing for a Soul on the Other Side
This meditation can help resolve the grief from loss of a loved one. When you help a loved one on
Increase Your Faith Factor
Use this Cup to increase your faith factor. Increase faith in yourself and your ability to accomplish your intentions and
Move into Faith and Trust
Use this Cup to access a deeper level of faith and hope deep in your core. Purity and innocence can
Release the Fear of Loss
Use this fresh and layered Cup to release any fear of loss that you may have. When you are fully
Find Your Freedom Internally
Find your freedom internally with this Cup. When you find your freedom internally you will create and reflect this inner
Help Body Heal From Past Lives By Riding the Waves
This Cup can help your body evolve and heal. The body uses waves of energy (energy in motion is emotion)
How to Help Another Who is Challenged or Suffering
This Cup is all about the "how" to assist someone who is struggling or is in a place of challenge.
Return Karma That Is Not Yours
Use this Cup to return all karma that is not yours.  When you return karma that is not yours you
Commit To You First
As you embrace the new year of 2021 use this Cup to commit to your essence, the light within you,
Release All Fear of Loss
This double-shot is from two different energetic support sessions that I did. They are sweet, powerful, and effective.  The first
Bring In Your Next Incarnation In This One
Use this Cup to start a new chapter.  If you are feeling done...explore the idea that you have completed this
Heal the Heart From Past Loss
Use this Cup to help your heart heal from past losses. You will be more resilient, courageous, and joyous when you
Embody Your Wise Soul and Body Beliefs
This Cup helps you connect with the wise Soul and body beliefs that you DO have. It can also help you