Faith, Grief, Loss

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help you increase your divine connection, find faith, increase hope, support, and trust.

Connect with Your Team

Connect with your Team and assist them in accessing a higher vibration. Your Team is a group of beings who encircle you in another dimension. They are other Souls who journey with you and assist you in this incarnation. As children we may have perceived our Team as our imaginary friends. Have your Team shift their energy which in turn shifts yours. Sometimes it is a lot easier to shift in this way.

  • Gather your Team around you at the level of your Higher Self.
  • Increase connection and communication with your Team.
  • Invite your Team to connect to their essence.
  • Bring all reference points for your Team and you back to the divine line of you and the divine lines of your Team.
  • Repair all communication grids between you and your Team.
  • Have your Team hold love within themselves and model that energy to you.
  • Calibrate your ears to hear your essence and the essence of your Team.

May you feel the love from your Team that surrounds you in the other realms.


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