Grounding and Magnetics

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help increase grounding and your connection to Earth. Increase your ability to manifest. Find calm, energy, and passion.


Increase grounding. Increase your roots. Ground in an empowered and connected way.

  • Increase your grounding mechanisms/roots.
  • Release all mechanisms for grounding that are not yours.
  • Bring in your own grounding mechanisms.
  • Same for your body Deva.
  • Invite your body to ground itself as you ground yourself.
  • Lift all your grounding mechanisms off everyone and back to you.
  • Receive energetic information from the enlightened body devas on the planet.

May you be grounded in a beautiful way.

This meditation will help you link into the energetic magnetics and will assist you or keep you in the flow of manifesting. We manifest through our magnetics.


Audio Sample


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Comments & Discussion

oh thank you! that was just what i needed! i woke up this morning feeling horrible: upset stomach, irritated, anxious, and yucky all over. As soon as i began this meditation, I immediately felt a release throughout my entire body and and waves of perfect, pure energy wash over me. I feel like my true self, perfect and clean.
July 26th 2011