Grounding and Magnetics

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help increase grounding and your connection to Earth. Increase your ability to manifest. Find calm, energy, and passion.

Move into Divine Timing
This Cup brings you into divine timing within all aspects of your being. The protocols within the meditation are as
Inner Balance
This cup focuses on moving into greater balance. The protocols in the meditation are the following: Ground only yourself and not
Toning Your Essence Back to You
This meditation is 30 minutes of toning you into your essence.  It's a powerful musical toning track. This audio file has a
Drop Into the Depth of Resources
Drop into a depth and grounding that has the capacity to stabilize and support you. Use the deep, rich energy
Increase Your Magnetics As You Expand
Increase your magnetics as you move into a more expanded way of being. Stay grounded while you fly. Bring in an
Release the Perception of Disconnection
Get plugged IN. Release the perception of disconnect and move back into the perception of connection. Let go of the
Receive Internally
Open to receive new grids of abundance with grace and ease. Calibrate yourself to pass through to a higher dimensional
Balance Your Magnetics and Your Timing
Balance your magnetics and timing. Update your reference points so that you can connect and engage with the energies that
Release the Spacey Energy and Come Back to Focus
Release that spacey feeling. Increase your root structure. The more grounded we are, the higher a light quotient we can
Increase Your Support and Resources In This World
Increase support by grounding and anchoring in your high vibrational state. As we receive electrical information from above, we move
Mental Body Balance
Open and calm the mind. Get clean and clear. Gather your energy back into
Harvest All That You Have Sown
Harvest all that you have sown. Connect with all the dreams you and harvest them now! Breathe yourself back into
Center and Ground
This is a gentle meditation to remind you to balance and stabilize as you accelerate your light quotient. There is
Clear Your Base Chakra and Increase Grounding
Ground and Clear Your Base Chakra. Increase your grounding. Use this meditation to clean and clear your base chakra and
Magnetics - Balance the Body
Balance the body by increasing your magnetics. Get your feet back on the ground. Increase your magnetics, increase your connection
Open the Third Eye
Open your third eye. There is a lot of back and forth energy that could be perceived as stressful if
Get Off the Gerbil Wheel of Enlightenment
Between the breathless moments, get off the gerbil wheel of enlightenment and be in the "now" instead of rushing to
Find Your Center of Trust, Support, and Flow
Use this meditation to increase a centered, still, calm, focused state. Leap to a higher level when the bumps start
Re-Calibrate for the Season Change
Recalibrate your timing. Very often we get sick or tired in order to re-calibrate the timing. Instead of using those vibrations
Find Your Focus in Your Divine Line
Take the next 8 magical minutes and focus on yourself. For a long time we have held our focus outside
Get Grounded Instead of Exhausted - Toning
Use sweet deep tones to ground. Release the irritation, frustration and fatigue. Find a deep calm and inner anchor. If
Find the Calm with Toning and Whales
Use tones and the whale song to find a stillness, grounding, and calm. As life accelerates we may feel like
Link Into the Magnetics of the Moment
Increase grounding. If we stay grounded, i.e. increase the magnetic energy, all will feel calm and centered. If we do
Transform Your Protection Mechanisms
Force fields of empowerment! Shift the way in which you protect yourself and bring an empowered consciousness into your protection