Grounding and Magnetics

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help increase grounding and your connection to Earth. Increase your ability to manifest. Find calm, energy, and passion.

Magnetics and Grounding

Recalibrate and update the ways in which we ground and orient. If you find you are getting lost in your local neighborhood, or losing your keys or sunglasses frequently, this is an indicator that you need to update how you magnetically ground and orient in the world. Get centered, focus on the details, complete tasks, sit on the Earth, and take care of your body.

  • Locate all responsibilities that you have given to others to ground you.
  • Bring all your tools for grounding you off of everyone and everything.
  • Return all responsibilities for grounding others and send all relevant and appropriate information.
  • Bring your own grounding mechanisms in for you in your own unique way.
  • Recalibrate your magnetics for the river of now.
  • Infuse the consciousness of love into your magnetics.
  • Balance your timing components.

May you be deeply grounded in every breath.


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Comments & Discussion

Very supportive and I love when you add snippets from classes.
February 7th 2017
Loved this two cupped ....the toning was exquisite on first and the guidance to locate etc my roots in second was a perfect combo...thanks so much
February 7th 2017
Absolutely loved the second meditation, it felt as I was opening surprise gifts one after another. Particularly enjoyed the imagery of connecting to the enlightened nature kingdom with strands of light roots, I've heard dozens of grounding processes, this tops them all!
February 7th 2017