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Choose Unity and Love

Choose a new and improved path. Shift behaviors, and alter patterns and belief systems. Link into the new grids that take us into a realm and world where we embrace all moments as opportunities for growth and evolution instead of pain and suffering.

  • Locate the current of energy that is coming onto the planet that holds the consciousness of Unity and love.
  • Invite your Body to let go of the consciousness of illness, aging, lack, and dis-ease as a way of transforming.
  • Link into the grids of Unity Consciousness.
  • Release the fear.
  • Locate the trust you hold deep in your core.
  • Choose the connection with the divine aspect of you.

Choose trust and love over fear.


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User Comments

This oh so Perfectly Timed for me! With Deepest Gratitude, Aleya.
So I have had something that I have been wondering about and have not been able to line up the energy to do...after reading and doing this meditation, have decided not to push. All I want to do is enjoy the energy of unity and love... As always, thank you!
Very powerful!
Alas, the keystone for the work we have done! Thank YOU!
A BIIG THANK YOU Aleya again! Have a stressful time going on, but now I'm feeling deep peace and trust. Love, Hilkka

Recorded 09/23/2011