Higher Vibration and Expansion

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help the process of expansion in your life and consciousness.

Find Your New Comfort Zone as You Hold a Higher Vibration

Whenever we go through an expansion and an increase of our inner light quotient, we may feel like we are in new terrain. Disorientation and a sense of vulnerability may arise. Use this Cup to find your new comfort zone as you hold a higher vibration and a more open heart.

  • Energetically locate this higher vibration that some part of you is holding.
  • Bring all of your comfort grids up to the vibrational frequency you are now carrying.
  • Activate your chakras with the light of self love.
  • Bring all your reference points for comfort, safety, and protection, back to the divine line of you, your Body, and Team.
  • Energetically locate your safety and protection internally and create that same level of safety, comfort, and protection for yourself in the outer world.
  • Infuse this higher quotient of light into your magnetics and grounding grids.
Background Music - Grounding synth by George Firedenthal.


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