Higher Vibration and Expansion

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help the process of expansion in your life and consciousness.

Make the LEAP

At different points in time we go through "leaps." Old ways of being are lifted up and OUT. Let them go so that you can bring in the new. As we leap, there is a moment when we are in the between energy. Anxiety arises when we are still holding onto the old energy and have not yet let it go. Use energy to really, really, really let go of the patterns with which you are SO done.

  • Locate the vibration and process of the leap that you are in right now.
  • Reference point this moment that is literally between two different energetic worlds.
  • Bring in greater support, calm, and stillness.
  • Balance in the "between" moment.
  • Be surrounded by the angelic realm.
  • Let go and prepare to bring in the new.
  • Energetically locate all energies and ways of being.
  • Invite your Body to locate all vibrations that are fear based, and let those go.
  • As you let go locate and prepare to bring in the new.
  • Locate the energies that hold perceptions of connection, love, and joy.
  • Calibrate yourself to receive these higher vibrations.
  • Hold awareness that your ARE in the MIDDLE of an evolutionary leap.
May you leap with grace and ease.


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