Higher Vibration and Expansion

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help the process of expansion in your life and consciousness.

Release Limitations

Release limitations and move into a more expanded, supported energy. If time is accelerating in your life (to a breaking point) listen to this one and release the limits of time. As we move into a more expanded state we can possibly feel an intense compression --- a weird combo that can be a bit stressful. Find the balance and let go of the stress and limitations.

  • Locate the vibrations of stress, blocks, and limitations that prevent you from moving into a more expanded way of being.
  • Call forth the Moon to work with your Higher Self and Your Body Deva's Higher Self to bring in the grids of expansion that have the capacity to assist you as your consciousness transforms.
  • Bring in the energetic grids of consciousness.
  • Release the blocks and the consciousness of limitation that no longer serves.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you and your Body to reflect down to you the girds of greater support, limitlessness, and expansion.


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Comments & Discussion

October 11th 2011
This is an amazing meditation. I sat outside as the moon rose over the mountains and as I listened to this meditation, I felt a wonderful sense of connection with Mother Earth, as I released and let go of limiting beliefs while connecting to the energy of our planet.
Thank you for this amazing experience.
October 11th 2011