Higher Vibration and Expansion

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help the process of expansion in your life and consciousness.

Whale Portal

When I tuned into the energy for this Cup I felt the whales swimming in the higher realms, opening an energetic portal. Use this Cup that is filled to the brim with toning, whales, ocean, and the 2nd chakra crystal bowl to open and expand in times of opening.


You may be feeling very spacey, altered, dreamy, and at the same time clear. Allow for the energetic expansion and downloads with this Cup.

Audio Sample


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Very comforting, listened 3 times!
August 17th 2016
So beautiful and perfect for right now - thank you Aleya, thank you whales!!!!!!
August 17th 2016
Love the multi levels! I too will add this to own fav list . Thanks so much
August 17th 2016
Thank you so much for your feedback. I am deeply touched. Blessings. Aleya
August 17th 2016
Extra special! Combines many beautiful elements: toning, ocean, Whales, and more. Very calming. Energy is very6 high w/ on-coming full moon. Will listen to this 3x today. Your cups keep getting better and better. This is beautiful Aleya ! (Favorites, weekly)
August 17th 2016