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Set Up Family Grids

Take a moment to "set up the grids" for family/friends/holidays. I have found that when I take the time to do this, my time with family and friends is far more enjoyable than when I do not...

  • Energetically connect with the Higher Selves of the family, community, and friends that you will be seeing in the next few days, hours, or a month from now.
  • Connect from your Higher Self to theirs.
  • Bring in energetic grids to support open lines of communication, safety, gentleness, kindness, divine boundaries, self respect, patience, grace, and ease.
  • Return all fragments, and responsibilities.
  • Dissolve all cords.
  • Bring in healing holograms, grids, and sounds for healing between you and them.
  • Harmonize all timing and communication systems.
  • Invite the Ascended Masters to encircle the space when you gather.
  • Invite them to hold vigil, safety, and model right energy.
  • Invite yourself from the future as an Ascended master to support you from a place of grace, gentleness, love, and empowerment, divine boundaries, and non-reactivity.
  • See your own essence, so you have the capacity to see the essence of others.

May you feel gratitude for your time with friends and family.

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Perfect!! I love how aligned I am with you!:) I was just about to re-publish my article called "Holiday Magic: Allowing others to be who they are". Your meditation is a wonderful place to "reset" my own perceptions and reaffirm this concept! Happy holidays Aleya.
wow perfect timing. thank you Aleya!
I do this whenever I gather with anyone i have not seen in awhile, even for tea!! Aleya
What a great idea! To pre-pave the way to having a great time during the holidays! I think I need to listen to this one again though, because my mind kept veering off thinking of other relationships, not related to the 'season', that could benefit! As always, Aleya, love and gratitude to you for sharing your gift as well as to those who channel it to/through you! Kim

Recorded 11/19/2012