7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help during the holidays.

Support and Amnesty from the Beings of Love and Light

Getting used to new energetic terrain may be challenging. Feelings of not knowing what direction to head or how to navigate this new terrain may surface. Feeling confused and stuck may also arise. Locate your guides and ask that they surround us, support us (in a co-creative way) and provide amnesty for us as we serve, grow, and evolve. Open to receive this additional support. It is AMAZING. They are here to help. (Kind of like the friendly tow truck guy when you have a flat tire.) They can help in an empowering, gentle, loving way that does not create a dependence or dis-empowerment.

  • Light language to call these beings of love to you.
  • Energetically locate these beings of love and light.
  • Call these beings of love and light to surround and support you.
  • Open to receive assistance from this group of beings.
  • Have them model right energy to you.

May you be supported and protected by our new neighbors of love and light.

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