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Recalibrate Your Timing

Use these Cups to recalibrate your timing to the accelerated flow of time.  When the river of time starts to flow faster than you, life can feel harried.  When you are flowing at the same pace you can actually get more done. When we are energetically behind the current we can get stressed, feel tired, frustrated, and feel behind. Get in the flow with these powerful Cups.

    • Energetically locate the accelerated current of time that is coming onto this planet at this time.
    • Calibrate your timing components to this current of accelerated time.
    • Move at the same rate.
    • Tap into the flow, and be "in the right place at the right time."

      May you flow with the river at the perfect speed.

       For greater support, get this deeply supportive Profound Love Thin Veils TALL Cup session


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      Thank you Aleya ❤
      November 2nd 2020
      Aleya I love how these 3 protocols flow together and the pieces from the recent Tall cup. Beautiful continuity, so yummy. 💜💃❤
      November 2nd 2020