Mass Consciousness

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help release the stress of mass consciousness. Increase your own divine connection.

Release Fusion and Activate Healthy Relationships

This is one for the Tool Box.

Use clarity energy to release the fusion between you and another. So often when we spend a lot of time with someone we will unconsciously fuse with them. This fusion creates confusion and then irritation, dis-empowerment, and frustration. Use clear, clean energy to release the fusion with others and move into a clean and clear space within yourself. This is a great protocol to use about once a week with people to whom you are really close.

  • Energetically locate the person with whom you are fused.
  • Return all responsibilities back to their right and perfect place.
  • Return all fragments.
  • Release all projections.
  • Dissolve all cords and maintain the appropriate heart connection.
  • Lift your grounding mechanisms off them and theirs off you.
  • Bring all of your needs back to you.
  • Bring all of your anchors and reference points back to your divine line.
  • Bring in co-creative grids between you and them.
  • Divine boundaries, personal responsibility, energetic integrity.
  • Calibrate your timing.
  • Hold right relationship within yourself so you have the ability to reflect that in your relationships in the outer world.

May this meditation assist you in feeling clean and clear.


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