Mass Consciousness

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help release the stress of mass consciousness. Increase your own divine connection.
Unplug from Discordant Dimensions - Mass Consciousness and Link Into Harmonic Dimensions
Unplug from discordant grids and mass consciousness with this Cup. Take time to connect with harmonic grids and a consciousness that
$3.00 USD
Come into Alignment and Connection with the Nature Kingdom and Seasons and Release Empathic Disconnection
Use this Cup to come back into alignment with the Nature Kingdom and the seasons. Take a moment to reflect upon
$1.50 USD
Amplify a Supportive Vibration on the New Moon in Mercury Retrograde
Happy New Moon! Use this Cup with the New Moon to amplify a supportive vibration within you.  When there is a
$1.50 USD
Clean and Repair Your Energy Fields and Hold Stronger Boundaries
Get clean, clear, and strong with this Cup. One of the most loving things you can do for yourself and for
$3.00 USD
Get Connection Between the Breaths
Breathe... When you slow down and take a deep breath you then ground and center. Use this supportive Cup to find the place
$3.00 USD
Release the Stress of the World
Thank you all so much for all your birthday wishes yesterday. I turned 51 and we spent the day at June
$3.00 USD