Oming with Whales and Aleya

An hour of Om-ing with Aleya and whales. A beautiful collection of nine songs that soothe your mind and soul.

OM-ing with Whales Album

45 minutes of powerful OM-ing with Whales and Aleya Dao. 


Listen to a gentle ocean scape, with whales singing a magical healing song in the background, as Aleya tones the sound of OM.


Float away into an ocean of love with the deeply grounded sound of OM and whale a powerful healing whale song.


This is a perfect 45 minute audio track to meditation with, play to a space to clean and clear the energy in a home, hotel room, or office, play in the background after a long day to help gain clarity and inner peace.


The whale song that is on this album is from her time in Panama when a Humpback sang to her and a group in a sacred sound healing session in the ocean. 

Listen to Aleya's Whale Story.

A sacred sound that has the power to gently transform and increase the vibration of any being or space.

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Track List
Oming with Whales and Aleya

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