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Find Your Feet on the Tunnel of Light Platform

Use today's cup to ground from the top down. :)

Explore the idea that you have a platform that exists at the top of your tunnel of light.

Your tunnel of light inserts

When your ground and protect the top of your tunnel of light and your platform at the top of the tunnel of light you can reflect that protected and supported energy to yourself here.

This cup can help balance and stabilize the energy from the most recent TALL Cup session.

This cup can also help you if you are ever feeling attacked and are not able to locate the source., as well as feeling high levels of empathic sensitivity.

This cup is a little bit more like a mini session to help you clean, balance, ground, and stabilize.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Reference the top of your tunnel of light and the platform at the top of the tunnel of light.
  • Repair, stabilize, and protect the platform at the top of the tunnel of light.
  • Ground into that platform.
  • Feel the support of that platform.
  • Ripple and reflect that grounded, supported, stable vibration down your tunnel of light.
  • Balance your mercabic disc.
  • Harmonize the energy between your mercabic disc and the platform.
  • Invite your body to expand its roots in a harmonic dimension.
  • Soul rider attach your divine line to the front of the spine at each chakra level.
  • Allow for a balancing and stabilizing current flowing to you from above.
  • Hold space for your body to feel its feet.
  • Open lines of communication between your divine line and your body's divine line.
  • Hold awareness in the base and second chakra.

Protect, stabilize, and ground into your platform at the top of your tunnel of light.

My rendering of the tunnel of light. :)

Audio Sample


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Comments & Discussion

Powerful !! Near the end of the first Cup there was heartburn/burping and tears. The second
one was calming and healing. The drawing of the tunnel of light helped too.
There has been major events in my life lately. These two Cups helped lift the dark cloud
of some of the sadness and other stresses Thank You!! Love and Light
September 2nd 2023
These cleared my fart cloud of anxiety immediately. I loved gong retro and to hear the edit where you removed the tag line, “and Are perceived”. You’re a blessing Aleya. Past, present and future. *Your drawings add a delightful flair *
September 2nd 2023
And thank you for the drawing!
September 2nd 2023
Well..that cleared some gunk out of the system! 😜 And now I feel adjusted and grounded. Much gratitude! 🪷
September 1st 2023
Astarah Rose
My pleasure. While listening to the second cup I felt a full body tingle and it felt like I was in a healing chamber under water or that water feeling was deep vibrational waves. Afterwards I feel more expanded and more connected to the nature fabric. These two cups feel different and also fee even more powerful together.

In gratitude and service, (I heard during the second cup to use this salutation)
Astarah 🌹💫. :-)
September 1st 2023
Wonderful thank you so much for your feedback 🙏🏻😊
September 1st 2023
Astarah Rose
Good morning Aleya,

After listening to the first cup I feel a deep tingling in my spine and the tingling is more pronounced in the cervical area of my spine. I also feel clearer and the energy around me feels clearer and less heavy.

Thank you so much 🙏
Astarah 🌹💫 :-)
September 1st 2023
How do today’s cups feel for you?
September 1st 2023