7 minute audio meditations to help you serve in a healthy and co-creative way. Find your purpose, passion, and service.

Manifest Money
Move into mastery over money. Open to receive the flow. The protocols in this meditation are the following: Locate your money
Appreciate the Work You Are Doing In the Higher Realms
Increase your awareness of the service work you are doing in the higher realms. When you move into a conscious
Open Your Ability to Listen from a Service Level
Open your lines of communication. Open your ability to hear your own personal messages and messages about your ability to
Increase Your Magnetics As You Expand
Increase your magnetics as you move into a more expanded way of being. Stay grounded while you fly. Bring in an
Serve by Increasing Your Awareness
Become more aware of the consequences of your actions. Transform by increasing your awareness. Increase the light quotient of your mental
Anchor In the New Paradigm
Anchor into the new paradigm for the new earth. Join a few million people in the higher realms and hold
Happy Earth Day!
Happy Earth Day! You have come to this world to learn, grow, and serve. Gather your tools so you have the ability
Help the Nature Kingdom Heal
Gather with the forces of love to help with the healing, grounding of the light, and the awakening that is
Relay Information to the Higher Realms
Have you been feeling that you need to call someone, send an email or tell someone something, yet our mind
Activate the Spark of Passion and Joy
This cup focuses on activating the spark of passion that you hold deep within you. The protocols in this meditation are
Be the Change You Wish to See In the World - Change Our World - Really!
Listen Here Would you like to change the world? Be the change you wish to see in the world. Literally.  Use the energy
Happy New Year 2014 and New Moon
Happy New Year 2014 and Happy New Moon! Celebrate the New Year and share this cup for free with the ones
Increase Support As You Serve
Use the energetic weather and this cup to increase support for all of the ways in which you serve. The
Help Another in a Healthy Way
Use this cup as a healthy co-creative tool to help another when they are struggling. The most healing and supportive
Calm, Balanced, Relaxed
Sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is to hold calm when witnessing a stressful situation. The calmer you
Release Judgment and Return Fragments Sip
Clean up with this potent Cup and return all fragments that you have ever taken when you judged another. This
Increase Grounding, Empowerment, and Service
Use this Cup to get really grounded. When you are grounded you have the ability to hold a higher vibration
Shine Your Light and Happiness on You
This Cup about happiness and light is from a small class I taught. The veils are thin and how we
Anchoring a Grid of Light - Galactic Whales
Use this Cup to be of service. There is a grid of light anchoring onto the planet at this time.
Stay in the Eye of the Storm When Those Around You Are Struggling
When the flow of life gets choppy, the wisest stance to hold is stillness and to sit in the eye
Grid Work for Region or Community
Use this Cup to do grid work in a region or community. The more you work the girds in the
Live Your Life with Your Purpose on You
Use this Cup to shift your focus and purpose for your life onto you. When you choose you, your life
Help Others Heal and Evolve on the Other Side
Use this Cup to help those you know and love who are on the other side. Often what you feel
Unplug from the Shock of Mass Consciousness
This Cup is more like a mini session. Use this Cup to unplug from the shock, anxiety, stress, fear, and unsettled