Get Connection Between the Breaths


When you slow down and take a deep breath you then ground and center.

Use this supportive Cup to find the place of stillness and connection between the breaths.
This Cup is from 2011 and is a little different than a classic protocol. Sip on it and find your connection between the breaths, come into a place of stillness, and unplug from the hyperventilation phenomenon.

This Cup may also open your third eye.

  • Notice the depth of your breath.
  • Locate the moments and the energy between the breaths.
  • Activate your point of connection between the breaths.
  • Within all of the intersection points activate the vibration of connection.
  • Hold the vibration of connection within all of your grids.
  • Repair your internal points of connection.

Find your place of connection and stillness between the breaths.

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Relaxing. Slow down and notice the breath helps to be more relaxed
August 16th 2022
Jane R
loved the reminder and guidance to pause and notice how the breath is moving through the body..
August 16th 2022
August 16th 2022