Previous Event Classes

Previous Event Classes Download audio and or video of previous classes taught by Aleya Dao.
Winter Solstice Celebration Session
An hour of audio and video files to help you move into balance, clarity, and calm. A very powerful session that can help you at anytime of the year.
$20.00 USD
Oakhurst Class
Purchase Aleya's class that she taught in Oakhurst 09-10-17...
$6.00 USD
Visalia Class
An hour long power packed, pearl filled class....
$6.00 USD
Coarsegold Class
1 hour of information about your divine line, your Team, Guides, and your Essence....
$6.00 USD
East West Mountain View Class
Download a 2 hour audio class diving into the concepts of the Seven Cups of Consciousness....
$6.00 USD
San Diego Class
San Diego Class with Aleya...
$6.00 USD