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Hold Your Own Psychic Energy As Opposed to Psychic Energy of the Family, A Community, or Group

Hold your own psychic energy with this Cup.   Whenever you are in a group that may not be aware or holding personal responsibility, you may find yourself holding the psychic energy of the group.  Use this Cup to only  hold your own psychic energy.

This Cup is perfect to use anytime there is a big shift in the consciousness in a country, or in the world, as there can be a little back-kick of energy and emotions and, things can get messy for a few days.

This is also a great Cup to use prior to group or family time/holidays.

This Cup has a little explanation and story about psychic energy at the end of the energetic protocol.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Feel into any psychic energy that you are holding that belongs to the family, community, or the world.
  • Return all psychic bundles that you are holding that are not yours.
  • Send information.
  • Hold your own psychic energy.
  • Use your own psychic energy to support, inspire, and protect you.
  • Reweave your grids as you hold your own.

May you hold your own psychic energy and model that in the world.

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Thank you so much for your comments and feedback.
November 9th 2020
Much needed today, thank you! And inspiring to hear that this habit can truly be shifted.
November 9th 2020
Synchronicities! Last week I had just Shared your story from your book about this! Thank you so much!
November 9th 2020
November 9th 2020
Thank you so much for sharing your story about psychic energy at the end of today's Cup. What a great opportunity to provide service of another!
November 9th 2020