Protection, Security, Safety

7 minute audio meditations to help increase energetic protection, safety, and empowerment.

Increase Protection and Release Old Behaviors

When we are protected we release MORE. Use this cup to help you let go of old behaviors that no longer serve. The body can also release old patterns. Instead of getting sick, tired, or going into body pain as a way of letting go, use this meditation.

  • Invite the Ascended Masters to surround you and protect you as you release the old and bring in the new.
  • Energetically locate a behavior that no longer serves you.
  • Let go of these limiting vibrations with tones.
  • Energetically locate the vibrations that have the capacity to support you, your body, and Team and reflect those vibrations down to you here in this realm.
  • Invite your body to release the behaviors that do not serve.
  • Bring in higher vibrational grids, sounds, and behaviors that support healthy behavior, and reflect those vibrations down to the body in the physical realm.
  • Bring in a sacred shape that supports and protects you as you release and bring in the new.
May you be supported as you gently release all behavior that no longer supports you.



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