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Pull Your Energy and Awareness Out of Discordant Dimensions and Into Harmonic Ones

Pull your energy and awareness out of discordant dimensions and into harmonic ones with this potent Cup.  When you hold all of energy in dimensions that are harmonic and filled with light, you then hold a stronger, more coherent field.


  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Relax your body.
  • Place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth.
  • Use your breath to quiet your mind.
  • Move into a place of stillness.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Teams to energetically reference energetic aspects of you held in other dimensions where you are attempting to dissolve the dissonance and discord.
  • Explore the possibility that some energetic aspect of you is trying to shift and change those who are holding perceptions of disconnection.
  • When you pull your energy into a higher harmonic realm, that higher realm gets amplified.
  • Pull all of your grids, focus, creativity, psychic energy, and your crew out of these discordant dimensions.
  • Get out and go high.
  • Send appropriate energetic information to all of the beings that are holding perceptions of disconnection.
  • Model a strong harmonic field.
  • Hold all of your energy in a higher dimension that is harmonic and is filled with purity, connection, peace, and calm.
  • Be a peace activist by modeling peace, light, connection, and love.
May you amplify the harmonic dimensions by pulling out of lower dimensional realms.


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Comments & Discussion

This took me really deep. I very much needed to pull out. Thank you!
June 26th 2020
Beautiful concepts, I am a work in progress, I will practice!
June 26th 2020
So right on! Thank you, Aleya! Naste'
June 26th 2020
Thank you, Aleya 💛💛🙏✨
June 26th 2020