Right Relationship Series with Aleya and Doug

Right Relationship Series with Aleya and Doug

Intentions, Trust and Intimacy Right Relationship Video

A deeply layered 1hr long video and audio session to help increase safety, trust, and intimacy in your intimate relationship.

  • Set intentions in your relationship and align your actions with these intentions.
  • Increase communication in a safe and loving way.
  • Learn how to listen, and be listened to, deeply.
  • Tools to help increase self awareness.
  • Increase safety in your relationship, which in turn deepens intimacy.
  • Receive an energetic healing to help release ancestral patterns off your relationship.
You can either watch the video or listen to this hour packed session with Aleya and Doug Noll, sharing their tools on how to heal and create healthy intimate relationships.
This one session has 7 layers to it, which means you could listen to it up to 7 times to help you access all the layers.



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