Seven Cups of Consciousness Practitioners Training Course

Become a certified practitioner of the Seven Cups of Consciousness. Learn how to use energetic protocols in your practice with your clients/patients and for yourself. Pre-Requisites Read Seven Cups of Consciousness Book and Subscribe to the daily and TALL Cups. And the four courses below... The 3 Series The Empowered Empath Course, The Master Class Series Gentle Transition Class

Level One - 7 hr. Video Series of the 7 Principles

Level One 

Start with the Basics...

Videos and audio files about the 7 Cups of Consciousness aka 7 Principles/ 7 Gateways. 

Tools for empowering and transforming your life.

An amazing and powerful course! 

Many of tools to help you go deeper.


Each principle speaks to a different concept of why our lives are the way they are and how to transform them.


Purchasing this product gives you access to all of the material from the 7 online classes of the 7 Principles. The Principles are sold as a group (not separately). Once purchased, you will receive a link to download all 7 audio/videos files. You can watch them streaming online as well.


The first 2 principles are just audio, no videos. The 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th principles have 45-min to 1-hour long videos. We recommend waiting a few days between listening/watching each principle to allow for gentle integration.


If you have not yet read Aleya's Book Seven Cups of Consciousness Click Here


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