Seven Cups of Consciousness Practitioners Training Course

Become a certified practitioner of the Seven Cups of Consciousness. Learn how to use energetic protocols in your practice with your clients/patients and for yourself. Pre-Requisites Read Seven Cups of Consciousness Book and Subscribe to the daily and TALL Cups. And the four courses below... The 3 Series The Empowered Empath Course, The Master Class Series Gentle Transition Class

Level Three Certification Course

30-plus hours of audio and video material coaching you to be a certified 7 Cups of Consciousness practitioner.

  • Create your own spin that you feel comfortable with and is also incredibly powerful.
  • You will discover your passion and mastery and what your genius is and, your confidence will become rock solid (in a good way.)
  • You will also learn how to bring in clients so that you have a wait list if you want one. 

If you wish to receive the advanced material from this coaching circle make sure you have done the following courses...
The Three Series.

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$6,300.00 USD

Practitioner Circle Coaching Intensive